------------------- The Year 2011 -------------------

[36HKIFF] Sauna on Moon 嫦娥 (China)
[36HKIFF] Big Blue Lake 大藍湖
A Simple Life 桃姐
Turning Point 2 / Laughing Gor 之潛罪犯
[CFF] Hi, Fidelity 出軌的女人
[CFF] Hi, Fidelity 出軌的女人
Demon 2 毒禍2
The Loan Shark 大耳窿 (Hong Kong/Malaysia)
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D 龍門飛甲 (Hong Kong/China)
I Love Wing Chun 笑詠春
Magic To Win 開心魔法
The Legendary Amazons 楊門女將 (China)
Summer Love Love 戀夏戀夏戀戀下
My Kingdom 大武生 (China/Hong Kong)
Love is the Only Answer 人約離婚後
Sleepless Fashion 與時尚同居 (China/Taiwan)
Cool Young 正青春/土與火 (China)
The Law of Attraction 萬有引力 (Hong Kong/China)
Life Without Principle 奪命金
1911 Revolution 辛亥革 (China)
The 33D Invader 蜜桃成熟時33D
The Fortune Buddies 劲抽福禄寿
The Sorcerer and the White Snake 白蛇傳說之法海
Lan Kwai Fong 喜愛夜蒲
Love in Space 全球熱戀 (China)
Beach Spike 熱浪球愛戰
Punished 報應
The Way We Were 算吧啦,老豆!
Overheard 2 / 竊聽風雲2
Treasure Inn 財神客棧
Microsex Office 潮性辦公室
The Detective 2 / B+侦探
All's Well, Ends Well 2011
I Love Hong Kong
Men Suddenly In Love
The Lost Bladesman
What Women Want

------------------- The Year 2010 -------------------

[CFF] Merry-Go-Round 東風破
[CFF] Gallants 打擂台
[CFF] Girl$ 囡囡
14 Blades 錦衣衛 (Jerome)
City Under Seige
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
Echoes of the Rainbow
Fire of Conscience
Ip Man 2
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen
Little Big Soldier
Love in a Puff
Marriage with a Liar
The Stool Pigeon
True Legend
Womb Ghost

------------------- The Year 2009 -------------------

A Very Short Life
All's Well End's Well
Basic Love
Bodyguards & Assassins
Give Love
I Corrupt All Cops
Lady Cop & Papa Crook
Laughing Gor
Look For A Star
Love Connected
Poker King
Shinjuku Incident
Short of Love
Tactical Unit: Human Nature
Tactical Unit: No Way Out
The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2
The Sniper
The Storm Warriors aka The Storm Riders 2 *
Written By

------------------- The Year 2008 -------------------

An Empress and the Warriors
Butterfly Lovers
Dangerous Games
Fatal Move
Hong Kong Bronx
Ip Man *
Kung Fu Dunk
L for Love and L for Lies
Legendary Assassin
Love Is
Love is Elsewhere
Ocean Flame
Painted Skin
Playboy Cops
Run Papa Run
Scare 2 Die
See You in You Tube
Some Like It Hot
Tactical Unit: The Code
The Beast Stalker
The First 7th Night
The Sparkle in the Dark
Two Stupid Eggs
The Way We Are
Yes, I Can See Dead People

------------------- The Year 2007 -------------------

A Mob Story
Anna and Anna
Bullet and Brain
Call For Love
Dancing Lions Forest of Death Gong Tau Happy Birthday
House of Mahjong
House of the Invisible
It's a Wonderful Life
Kung Fu Fighter (HK/China)
Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel
Lethal Angel
Lost in Beijing (HK/CHINA)
Love in Macau
Love is Not All Around
Ming Ming
Single Blog
Spider Lilies (HK/Taiwan)
Super Fans
Sweet Revenge
The Closest
The Haunted School
The Lady Iron Chef
The Postmodern Life of My Aunt
The Pye Dog
The Romantic Fool
The Third Eye
The Warlords
Trivial Matters
Twins Mission
Whispers and Moans

------------------- The Year 2006 -------------------

On the Edge 黑白道 (Re-watched Oct 2011)
2 Become 1
49 Days
Bet to Basic
Black Night (HK/Japan/Thai)
Confession of Pain
Dog Bite Dog
Dragon Tiger Gate
Election 2
Eternal Summer (HK/Taiwan)
Fatal Contact (2006-HK)
Half Twins
Heavenly Mission
I'll Call You
Love at First Note
Love School (Singapore/HK)
Love Undercover 3
Marriage With a Fool
My Kung Fu Sweetheart
My Name is Fame
My Wife is a Gangster 3 (HK/Korea)
Nothing is Impossible
On The Edge
Silk (HK/Taiwan)
The Banquet (HK/China)
Undercover Hidden Dragon
We Are Family
Wife From Hell
Wise Guys Never Dies
Without Words
Wo Hu

------------------- The Year 2005 -------------------

Perhaps Love 如果.愛 (Hong Kong/China)
2 Young
Ah Sou (AKA Mob Sisters)
A Wonderous Bet

Bug Me Not
China's Next Top Princess
Colour of Loyalty
Crazy n' the City
Dragon Reloaded 2
Dragon Squad
Drink, Drank, Drunk
Embrace Your Shadow
Everlasting Regret
Face to Face (HK/Japan)
Himalaya Singh
Home Sweet Home
House of Fury
Initial D
It Had to be You
Kung Fu Mahjong
Kung Fu Mahjong 2
Legend of the Dragon
Moonlight in Tokyo
PTU File - Death Trap
Rice Rhapsody
Seoul Raiders
Set to Kill
Set Up
Seven Swords
Slim Till Death
The Eye 10
The Myth
The Promise
The Unusual Youth
Wait 'Til You're Older
Where is My Mama Boy?

------------------- The Year 2004 -------------------

Throw Down 柔道龍虎榜 (Re-watched Oct 2011)
A-1: Headline
A Nite in MongKok
Ab-normal Beauty
Beyond Our Ken
Breaking News
Cop Unbowed
Dating Death
Driving Miss Wealthy
Dumplings: Three Extreme
Enter the Phoenix
Escape from HK Island
Explosive City
Hardrock Affairs
Heat Team
Herbal Tea
Hidden Heroes
Itchy Heart
Jiang Hu
Kung Fu Hustle
Leave Me Alone
Life Express
Love Battlefield
Love Many Stupid Thing
Love on the Rocks
Master of Everything
Miracle Box
Moving Targets
My Computer Can Speak
My Sweetie
New Police Story
Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
Papa Loves You
Protégé de la Rose Noire
Silly Kung Fu Family
Silver Hawk
Six Strong Guys
Super Model
The Eye 2
The White Dragon
Three of a Kind
Throw Down
Twins Effect 2: Blade Rose
Unplugging Nightmare
Ultimate Fight
Yesterday Once More

------------------- The Year 2003 -------------------

Anna in Kungfu-land
Diva Ah Hey &
Drunken Monkey
Heroic Duo &
Infernal Affairs III
Runaway Jury
Sky of Love

------------------- The Year 2002 -------------------

Hollywood Hong Kong
Infernal Affairs
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts
My Wife is 18
Summer Breeze of Love &

------------------- The Year 2001 -------------------

Cop Shop Babes

------------------- The Year 2000 -------------------

My Name is Nobody 賭聖 III 無名小子 *
The Duel (Jerome)
Love Correction

------------------- The Year 1999 -------------------

A Man Called Hero (Jerome)
Fly to Polaris

------------------- The Year 1998 -------------------

Chicken and Duck Talk
Hitman (Jerome)
The Storm Riders (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1997 -------------------

Legend of the Wolf

------------------- The Year 1996 -------------------

All of a Sudden
Sex and Zen 2
Viva Erotica

------------------- The Year 1995 -------------------

Fallen Angels
Saint of Gamblers )
Sixty MIllion Dollar Man
Whatever Will Be, Will Be

------------------- The Year 1994 -------------------

Fist of Legend
My Father is a Hero (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1993 -------------------

Iron Monkey (Jerome)
Kung Fu Cult Master (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1992 -------------------

Once Upon a Time in Chine 2
Once Upon a Time in China 3 (Jerome)
King of Beggers

------------------- The Year 1991 -------------------

Once Upon a Time in China
Operation Scorpio (Jerome)
[36HKIFF] Alan And Eric: Between Hello And Goodbye 雙城故事

------------------- The Year 1990 -------------------

Lung Fung Restaurant

------------------- The Year 1989 -------------------

The Killer

------------------- The Year 1988 -------------------

Tiger Cage

------------------- The Year 1987 -------------------

Prison of Fire

------------------- The Year 1986 -------------------

Shaolin Temple 3 : Martial Arts of Shaolin

------------------- The Year 1985 -------------------

Mr. Vampire (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1984 -------------------

Opium and the Kung Fu Master (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1983 -------------------

Duel to the Death (Jerome)
The Prodigal Son (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1982 -------------------

------------------- The Year 1981 -------------------

Security Unlimited

------------------- The Year 1980 -------------------

Spooky Encounters (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1979 -------------------

Knockabout (Jerome)
Magnificent Butcher (Jerome)

------------------- The Year 1978 -------------------

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (Jerome)
Warriors Two (Jerome)
The Drunken Master (Jerome)

--------------------- Older Films (Pre-1977)---------------------

Fist of Fury (1972) (Jerome)
The Big Boss (1971)
Way of the Dragon (1973) *

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