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Critics panned but Neo reckons - it is not bad at all!
As I am about to approach one of my most anxious moment in my pretty short life, I have decided to review what I hate most - Hollywood. Critics panned this movie like shit, from saying it is stupid to almost rubbish, but somehow Neo feels differently and actually reckons the movie portrays more realistic events of life than Hollywood usually does in 10 romantic comedies. So what does Neo likes about this shit assed movie? Well, I will tell you right now: it is very relevant to 18-30 years old experiencing the randomness of love and how relationships can be broken with the most simplest of excuses or events that happen or not meant to happen. Wait a second, doesn't this shit sounds like a bloody cool Wong Kar Wai's movie? Well, don't get me wrong, because it is no WKW, but a movie that expresses these themes. So why the hell critics call it a bad thriller, when it isn't really one, but a romantic drama - for god sake.

So what have I heard about critics saying that acting is shit, but I really don't think so, maybe those critics are all Stephen Holden who is freaken 70 years old, and I highly doubt that he relates to a movie that appeals to 18-30 years old and review it opened-mindedly. Why this movie is relevant, is the timing of love, the opportunities that one takes can lead to result or nothing, the power of love - leading to obsession, greed, selfishness and even turning a normal person into an evil souled person. You ask questions and anger at those who love you but you don't love them - as being annoying and "farn", but do you ever go into their shoes? Feel for them? Understand their perspective on it? Well, this is where the director succeeds in exploring.

Even when you enter a love relationship, it is all about love? Well, not really? It is all about trust? I don't think so! If only life is that simple. To truly love someone, you can not always possess them, but able to treat them as individuals and make sacrifices and allow them to fulfil their ongoing dream before it becomes a regretting and lasting barrier feeling. Allowing ones a breathing space is better than locking them up like a prisoner, after all how would you like to be treated? Well, precisely the director deals with all these contemporary issues in dating and marriage and more importantly the different perspective of the true meaning of life!

So why knock Josh Hartnett, sure he is an average actor at best, but this movie, he does exactly as require of him. The performances of the cast overall is not great but clearly good, especially Rose Byne (an Aussie) sexy and mysterious performance is a scene stealer at all times! As for the other actresses, I don't even who the hell they are, so just excuse me as they neither stand out or put out great performances.

So does Wicker Parker deserve its ratings? Well, for Neo, he reckons all these critics are just narrow minded and what more, it is not a bad movie at all! So what is all the fuss about it then? It is just that I like the movie personally, but while its seems like a poor remake of that French movie, Wicker Park is no WKW movie, but without doubt, one of the more relevant love story and incidence to be recorded on video for a long time, and as for Hollywood, that's an enormous achievement.

I rate it 7.5/10

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Product Title : Wicker Park
Artist Name(s) : Josh Hartnett | Rose Byne
Language : English
Duration : 120 minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - December 2004