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Stylish yet empty!
It is damn cool XMAS day in one hour and I am bloody writing a review, wait, maybe I shouldn't, but then again, how can I resist doing what I like doing. So what XMAS present did I get, well, so far none - unfortunately and the one I was expecting to receive is somehow lost 16km away from my home. Yeah, that comment surely sound very random and this is exactly the word to describe the Volcano High - bloody random over-stylish movie, with no substance. Yes, that's the way to go! However, after hearing it is Korean first attempt on wirefu - I guess it is not bad at all, at least the movie is decent up till the last silly 10 minutes, unlike Matrix sequels which was just plain utter crap.

However to say that this movie is great is weird because it is by no means great and something that clearly if done by Hollywood would be labelled as clear cut crap, but when Korean touches it, the movie it good and leaning to fun movie ride, till the stupid heartless and emotionless ending that can be say to be a rip off of the Matrix sequels stupid endings. But really, who can diss a movie that is so stupid yet entertaining at times, but critics. But I must say and warn you that there are plenty of better Korean flicks out there than waste your time watching this one!

As to the performances, the lead shows good form, and the average cutie also shines through, and apart from them, the acting are all exaggerated figures and nothing more. Some times I really wonder why the hell did they bother wasting so much money on these kind of stupid movies - for boxoffice success? If I can choose Hk action and Korean I still prefer HK, but as to drama movies nowadays, Korean dramas are hard to beat and hard to forget! However, this movie is no doubt dead stylish and so cool, that may actually get as much WOWs as WTFs!

Sometimes, I wonder, why I waste my time watching this sort of movie, but if you have to blame someone, it must be the local video store, where Volcano High somehow got a cinema release and then released on DVD in AUStralia, so it is all the US and the west fault, if not for their poor taste I would never watch this one very forgettable movie that is so forgettable, that I am pretty sure that the next morning you wake up it is Christmas!

I rate it 6.5/10

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Product Title : Volcano High
Artist Name(s) : Jang Hyuk
Language : Korean
Duration : 98 minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - December 2004