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Boring piece of crap…
It is hard to find any redeeming factor in Jet Li’s The One and while there might be some excite and marks added for a somewhat exciting first 20 minutes, but from then on, it just drags to the point of boredom. Directed by X-Files duo of James Wong and Glen Morgan, the film certainly contains clever and interesting premises regarding the parallel universe, but unfortunately both directors never capitalised on this and inturn created The One. Pitting Jet Li against Jet Li, may seem like a touch of marketing genius and not to mention, the film did opened well in US with a hit of $19 million. However, the fights are stupid, filled with unnecessary slow-mo and pretentious matrix style special effects. Sure there are some moments of coolness, namely when Jet Li picks up two motorbikes and slam it against a cop, but one moment of stardom certainly does not makes a film. The One is a totally unnecessary film for Li’s resume and by far his worst effort in the US.

The movie goes like this: A sheriff's deputy fights an alternate universe version of himself who grows stronger with each alternate self he kills.

Jason Stratham is not a bad actor and he excelled in roles like Snatch and his physical presence in the subsequent, The Transporter’s series is both fun and entertaining. However, Stratham missteps badly and his one expression face, just doesn’t assist the cause. Adding to the mix, is Jet Li’s performance himself, a more than capable actor as seen in the stunning display in Unleashed, silent yet expressive role in Hero and a convincing transformation in Fearless. Here, he is suitably wasted and frequently overacts. In most occasions, Li’s fight sequences can save the movie, but here, he is unable to fulfil his potential and hampered by some extremely cheesy lines. Then again, coins must be thrown at the priceless line by Li at the end of the film, when he shouts out, “I am nobody’s bitch”. Pretty faced Carla Gugino and recognizable Delroy Lindo are both suitably wasted in their respective paper thin roles.

All in all, The One is a failure under any circumstances and the very fact that this film made more money than Kiss of the Dragon and Unleashed, is quite beyond imagination. Having seen The One, almost 6 years ago, Neo regrets re-watching it right now and is hiding his head around his bedroom, looking for an excuse. It is all the most disappointing that all these criticism is coming from a long time Jet Li’s fan. To be perfectly honest, 6 years ago, Neo reckons it was crap and in 2007, that opinion does not change at all…

I rate it 3.5/10

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Starring: Jet Li, Jason Stratham, Carla Gugino, Delroy Lindo
Director: James Wong and Glen Morgan
Genre: Science Fiction/Martial Arts

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