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Money making crap movie!
As you all should know by now, that I truly hates Hollywood and Ocean's Twelve is exactly why I hate it - stars, sequel, stupid plot to make money and that's all. Don't get me wrong, because I loved Ocean's 11, but 12 is just one too much for me. Not only is the plot stupid, but the stars are not fresh and the funny moments are far and far away rather than consistent laughs in 11. Sure a rehash will fill cinema seats, but that's about all this sequel does. Oh yeah, by the way, the only real highlight is the presence of the ever sexy and sexy and sexy - Catherine Zeta-Jones! I just love her, and apart from that this movie pretty much sux!

I was gonna write some shit about this stupid plot, but when I think about the movie, I was asking myself stupid questions - what plot? When a movie goes like this in your head, there is seriously something wrong with this movie and hell, I was right about it. While a remake can be fresh as seen in 11, a sequel of a remake is just a terrible and idiotic idea. Sure the chemistry between Brad Pitt and the old guy - George Clooney is evident, a movie stupidity can never be compensated.

The movie is not only nothing like the 11, but one that attempts to make a movie a thinking one, by purposely churning out a twist that is so clique that it is not funny. Not only does the twist ruins the movie, but totally drown the movie to straight to further hell. Watching this movie is pure eye candy experience and seeing big stars having fun with each other and really, I can not find anything else in the movie that is worth me recommending you to waste another $10 on it.

Really, I hate reviewing crap movies, and that's why it is usually a very short review, maybe it is my great expectations of having the same fun as 11, and maybe it is just me that I don't get the movie, or even to an extent not getting their funny jokes or whatever. But seriously, this is what I call a hell of a crap movie that have one key aim - fill cinema seats and one most thing - we paying for the stars' paycheck! So do I have to say more? I hope not, but please just don't watch this damn stupid movie for god-sake!

I rate it 4/10

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Product Title : Ocean's 12
Artist Name(s) : George Clooney | Brad Pitt
Language : English
Duration : 120 minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - December 2004