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A Sweet Romantic Comedy!
To tell the truth before even I start reviewing this movie, Neo has never been a fan of Romantic Comedy and has often been a harsh critic of it - but it is not hard to see why I am so against it as the audience already know the ending before they see it. However, there have been a few romantic comedies that have certainly win Neo's heart and surely My Sassy Girl is one of the mix. So what does Neo thinks of My Little Bride? Well, he can certainly tell you one thing - Korean cinema knows its stuff, they surely does a hell lot better than Hollywood romantic comedies nowadays and this is a perfect example of why Korean is the top of the pack in terms of Asian cinema. Sure the premise not by no means original and even HK done it a year before in Ah Sa's My Wife is 18, but while the HK one has only one saving factor - Ah Sa cute performance, My Little Bride does a little more than that and geez the outcome and ultimate feeling is a hell lot better.

The story goes like this: Young love is in the air in My Little Bride! Popular heartthrob Kim Rae Won (Rooftop Room Cat) is right at home in this hit romantic comedy about a curious arranged marriage. Kim is Sang-Min, a handsome college student who aspires to be a legendary playboy. However, his swinging single ways are about to end thanks to the arrival of 16 year-old Bo-Eun (Moon Geun Young of A Tale of Two Sisters). Bo-Eun's grandfather was best friends with Sang-Min's grandfather, whose dying wish was to see Sang-Min and Bo-Eun married! Neither of the youngsters have any interest in getting hitched; Sang-Min won't be able to attract college girls with a ring on his finger, and Bo-Eun is in love with a local high school hunk. But Bo-Eun's grandfather is determined to get the two together, even if he has to resort to some wily deception! His tricky ways get the two to the altar, but how will they adjust to a married life neither wants? A romantic comedy full of sweet, fun-loving innocence, My Little Bride promises to charm and entertain anyone with a heart!

Yeah, I know what you are thinking - what a carbon copy of My Wife is 18, but really this is a by far superior copy. There is one thing about the kind of romantic comedies that Neo likes, it is how interesting the process is rather than the predictable ending. While My Sassy Girl touches the audience's heart and bring tears and meaning to life, My Little Bride is a pure comedy movie and one reason Neo liked it, is not because of its plot, but for its likable characters making this movie without a single boring moment. Well this movie will not stand the test of time or receive any sort of classic status like Sassy, but it is without doubt a movie that probably no one will hate it as it is so likable.

The most powerful likable factor must be the pairing of Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young whose chemistry are immensely natural and they play off each other extremely well. Moon Geun Young performs in a perfect fitting role as an ambivalent yet commanding 16 years old and finally seeing an actress playing their age. So what was so cute about this girl? Well, her attitude, her facial expressions, some contradicting actions - immaturity at times and some much praiseworthy mature touches that melts the audience heart. Next to her, Kim handles his role fittingly without being too outshining. A sure likable character and their chemistry together is without doubt a par better than Ah Sa and Ekin.

As we approach the end of YET Another NEO's Review, I must openly thank Seraph for recommending this movie to me and also the DVD shop that advised me to watch this movie, or else by looking at the cover and the premises of the movie, I would never even think about watching it. Although this is no Sassy Girl, and this movie is by no means original, so what the hell do Neo like about this CUTE little movie - well the answer is quite simple, in a romantic comedy - a successful one - is one that never fails to entertain with a mixture of jokes, comedy and laughs and rather than the ending being important, it is the process to the happy ending that makes a romantic comedy so enjoyable and in this case - My Little Bride fits exactly that description. While Ultimate Fight is a Star Runner wanna-be, My Little Bride is a My Wife is 18 gotta-be by a mile and a half.

I rate it 8/10

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Artist Name(s) : Kim Rae Won | Moon Geun Young | Kim Ho Joon
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), February 2005