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It’s seven times wittier than typical Hollywood…
Not since Pulp Fiction has Hollywood created such a smart, intervening and witty thinking movie that works so well without being a pack of cheese. With an unlikely cast of you-name-it – Josh Harnett, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Sir Ben Kinsley and of course the somewhat sexy Lucy Liu. However, it is the combination of the movie wittiness and almost perfect direction that allows the actors to shine through a rather accomplished piece of work. The premise may seem extremely simple, but the director uses the shows not tell principle to almost the point of perfection. It is certainly an underrated piece of thriller and after this review; Neo will certainly hope at least one or two of you reading this will try to dig it out.

Josh Harnett is certainly an actor with a bright future ahead, after proving so popular after the atrocious Pearl Harbour, but somehow like his co-star Affleck their career went downhill from there. Harnett almost made a career suicide, when he appeared alongside Harrison Ford in one of the worst movie ever made. It is great to finally see Harnett in a beefy role and he handles the wit of his character with a sense of believable fashion. His chemistry and steamy hot scenes with Lucy Liu is damn good to watch and the two mixes the chemical in a believable manner. Liu provides some outstanding comic timing and is undeniably sexy in her character performance.

Of course Bruce Willis deserves a mention or two and ever since Sin City, he has been pretty much playing the same stoic character over and over again. So moving on to Morgan Freeman and Kinsley, they both are well-casted in their respective roles and provide a couple of memorable scenes. The moment when Freeman realizes he has been outsmarted his laugher is almost magical. Likewise, the moment before Kingsley met his downfall in a plastic bag, his watery and wannabe-innocent look is priceless to endure.

All in all, Lucky Number Slevin shares a similar route of a Tarantino’s masterpiece and in fact all the witty dialogue seems every bit Tarantino’s. With that being said, Slevin is still a damn good movie in its own right and it is about time that Hollywood created a thriller/drama that is actually smart. By being smart and not being a piece of cheese, it is already worth recommending, but the movie offers more than that. With terrific leading performances and aided by a stunning support cast, Slevin stands as 2006 most underrated movie in Hollywood…

I rate it 9/10.

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Starring: Josh Harnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley
Directed By: Paul McGuigan
Genre: Thriller/ Witty Drama
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), April 2007