JUNO (2008-US)
review by Neo

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An interesting look at a crisis-like situation…
Before embarking on a journey into the wide spread praise and the somehow being nominated in the Oscars for Best Picture, Juno, it may be said that the movie took inspiration from a Korean movie with the same name – Jenny Juno and a little HK movie starring the son of Jackie Chan and the ultra cute Fiona Sit in 2 Young. In fact those were movies made a little over 2 years ago and simply said, Juno is really nothing new. However, that’s not to say that Juno isn’t a good movie, as it is simply a few miles ahead of the Korean attempt and perhaps on par with Derek Yee’s 2 Young. While it isn’t exactly original material, but full credit to the director for making it fun and quite simply a huge par above anything Hollywood can do within such a fine-edge genre.

Juno basically approaches the notion of teen pregnancy with both a cutting knife and a smile on your face. While 2 Young have a very Asian feel about it, from the angry parents to the struggle of the young couple trying to build a family, Juno basically ignores all these issues with twists and turns. After all, this is Hollywood, where every problem usually becomes something trivial or simply ignored. Not that it is such a bad thing, but for it to become an Oscar winning flick, it simply falls short of its mark.

Without taking credit away from the performance of Juno, the way and the manner she displayed her talents is just alone worth the price of admission. While 2 Young was a better directed flick, Juno by far and away carries the film with both her shoulders and in turn making Juno the movie more compelling than it should be. The naturalism of her role, the body language she expresses and the clever and witty dialogue just makes her character all the more unique yet real. With such a combusting performance, Juno is definitely one of the dark horse in this year race to the Oscars Best Actress notion.

All in all, despite the obvious harsh criticism from the current reviewer, secretly within Neo
‘s heart, he actually likes the movie. Juno isn’t exactly a masterpiece and is unlikely to win the Oscars, but despite the sightly controversial issue, the movie remains, very modern, coming of age and the most important aspect of all, fun enough to engage the audience and clever enough script to not bore the audience to death. Without any further to say, it’s Valentine Day today for god sake, so do yourself a flavour and watch this instead of the typical romantic comedy. After all, it is not every day that a Hollywood flick actually talks about some “real” issues…

I rate it 8/10

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