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Moore is HOT!
After seeing A Walk to Remember a year ago, I felt in love with Mandy Moore, comparing to Spears, her acting is fine tuned and natural and comparing to Lopez, Moore has more than just potential for a long term movie career. She is pretty and cool with a hint of sexiness, that made Neo's a fan of hers. While her previous movie as mention is emotionally attached, Moore's new movie is essentially a romantic comedy, about a 17 year old struggling to come to terms with life, in fact the randomness of life and the difficult decision of embracing love in life. While the movie is not as good as A Walk to Remember, Moore's acting continues to impress and shines over those pretenders such as Spears and Lopez. Whether the movie actually works or not is just another story.

The story goes like this: Mandy Moore stars as Halley, a young high school student who is disillusioned with love after seeing the many dysfunctional relationships around her. Her father has a pretty new girlfriend who she can't stand. Her mother can't seem to find anyone. Her sister is so dumbstruck with the planning of her marriage that she has become a non-person, and the shallow cheerleaders at her school and their jock boyfriends are beyond comprehension. All these have combined to convince Halley that love is a ridiculous impossibility. But when a tragic event in her life leads to a romantic encounter with a young man, Halley realizes the possibility of true love can sometimes lie in the most unconventional of places.

This movie is by no means fresh and perhaps that is probably the best reason why, it will never be a great movie, then again, how many Romantic Comedies are in the IMDB TOP 10? If you ask me, no matter how special each romantic comedy is, it all follows a tired and true formula - HAPPY ENDING? What set A Walk to Remember apart from this movie, is its emotional attachment to the audience and heartfelt performances from Moore and the supporting stars. However, while this is just another same same movie, I would say that it was a pretty fun ride, though that maybe because I love Moore.

On a final note, I can clearly say one thing for certain! This is a movie for Moore's friend, and apart from that it is just yet another same same movie that is nothing special apart from its main purpose - a 17 year learning HOW TO DEAL with love. Basically and really, only watch this movie if you are a fan of Moore, or else just go and watch A Walk to Remember instead.

I rate it 6/10

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Product Title : How to Deal
Artist Name(s) : Mandy Moore
Language : English
Duration : 103 minutes
Reviewed by Neo (Andrew) - December 2004