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A lame piece of shit…
When a movie has to borrow a line from a film that has two sequels themselves, you can already imagine that the filmmakers are running out of ideas. Evan Almighty the sequel of the hugely enjoyable Jim Carey’s Bruce Almighty, used the “with great power lies greater responsibility” quote from Spiderman is almost an ultimate disaster, if not for a borderline average first half. By the end of the film, the audience is probably thinking to themselves, what they have done to justify sitting through this kind of shit. While the premises of being a congressman is interesting, but Evan Almighty instead turns his head on the fun part and end up being a Noah’s with a beard. Perhaps, the film did remind the current reviewer of one thing, the fact that when we pray for something, God does not just give it to you, but instead he gives you an opportunity to achieve what you want. A rare piece of wisdom that actually seems quite true, but unfortunately, a smart reminder does not make a movie and Evan Almighty is probably one of the worst sequels in 2007.

The movie goes like this: Carell is a congressman and wants to change the world and after praying for it, the next thing he notices is that God wants him to build a Noah’s ark…

It is not hard to discern that Steve Carell is no Jim Carey. No offense to Carell, a talented lad himself and one need to look no further than his antics in the 40 years old Virgin to have any idea, but replacing Carey requires a huge shoe to fill and trying to be exactly like him, just does not help the cause. Perhaps the blame should be laid upon the atrocious script writing and some pretty lame directing from the usually dependable director of Liar Liar (Tom Shadyac). Morgan Freeman easily earns his paycheck and remains head and shoulder above the rest of the cast.

All in all, Evan Almighty does not deserve any sort of in depth analysis and to call this a bad piece of cinema is really an understatement, as it is probably a lot worst. Sometimes with greater power lies greater responsibility is actually right and applying it to Evan Almighty, it is more like with greater power lies greater annoyance. In fact, Evan Almighty ends up so annoying that it makes the audience feel sorry for the people involved. In a clear statement, there is no doubt that Carell deserves better, Shadyac deserves a whack in the head, Freeman deserves much better material and Neo just want to end this torture…

I rate it 2/10

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Starring: Steve Carell Morgan Freeman Lauren Graham John Goodman Wanda Sykes Molly Shannon
Directed by: Tom Shadyac
Genre: Comedy/Bible

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