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This movie is rated R so think what you want!
Takashi Miike's 'Audition' is one of the better Japanese horror movies of recent years. It contains almost unwatchable scenes of mutilation and violence and also has a gut wrenching reality to It. It's slow pace may put some people off but it is very well shot and has a nice artistic quality too. It's a movie that is excellent at building tension. If you want another 'Ichi the Killer', watch one of Takashi Miike's other horrid movies.

It stars Ryo Ishibashi who plays Mr Aoyama, a lonely older guy. His wife has died but for many years he still stayed loyal to her. His friend sets up a fake casting session so he can find the perfect candidate for a wife. However, he only needs to see a beautiful girl named Asami to know that she is the 'one'. However, it doesn't take long for him to realise he has made a terrible mistake. Well actually it does. That's the scary thing. It's one of those films where, you know something is really not right even before you see anything bad happen. Everything builds in a creepy and subtle way. Some reviewer's talk endlessly about what 'Miike' was trying to say with this film but I am not going to do that. Instead I'll tell you how it made me feel come the end of the movie. SICK. Very unnerved, and actually pretty terrified. That may seem like a bad thing but in a film of this type it's the whole idea. That's not to say the film isn't subtle. As I said before the pace crawls along as it builds up the characters stories but there is enough here to keep you watching all the way to the gruelling climax. Also helped along by very atmospheric visuals and a low key soundtrack.

I really don't want to give away too much about the plot as in a film of this kind it would certainly take away from your enjoyment of the film and the surprise and sheer shock of the finale. However it centre's on how the girl, 'Asami' has been previously abused and had her hopes and dreams shattered and has now decided to turn the tables on the world...and men. This is her way of getting even.

The movie gives you subtle clues along the way. As it builds to it's cringe making climax. It's the suspense that works best here. You know you're going to get a truly shocking ending and the film does not disappoint. I was quite happy to wait for it.

The acting from all is good even if some of the earlier dialogue leaves something to be desired, and initially you'd be forgiven for thinking you were watching a Romance/Drama movie. Stay with it however and you'll realise, Yes, You did pick up the right movie!

If you don't feel different about the notion of deceiving and using people (particularly women) to get what you want. You'd be very strange indeed!

Someday J-Horror as a genre may not be liked as much. But for now, with such diverse movies as Ringu, Dark Water, Grudge and Audition, it has never been stronger.

I rate it 8/10

Neo Comments: Em.. this is a great ..... em.... bad.... dunno....em... whatever! If ignore me and my comments on this movie for god's sake and guess what? Yeah you guess it, I haven't even seen this movie at all, so don't ask me about it but just read Seraph's review. Hey, I wanna ask a question is this movie rated 18+ or R? If so, does it have a lot of SEX in it? Not that I am interested, but just curious if I should check this movie out!

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Product Title : Audition
Artist Name(s) : |Ryo Ishibashi | Dunno
Language : Japanese
Duration : 100 minutes
Reviewed by Seraph (Paul) - September 2004