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Adventureland (2009 HOLLYWOOD)
88 Minutes (2007 HOLLYWOOD)
Inglourious Basterds (2009 HOLLYWOOD)
Day Zero (2007 HOLLYWOOD)
Righteous Kill (2008 HOLLYWOOD)
Passengers (2008 HOLLYWOOD)

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Kristen Stewart is pitch pefect in Adventureland (2009 HOLLYWOOD)

Al Pacino cannot save any minutes in 88 Minutes (2007 HOLLYWOOD)

Tarantino is the MAN again in Inglourious Basterds (2009 HOLLYWOOD)

A disappointing film equates to Day Zero (2007 HOLLYWOOD)

De Niro and Al Pacino keeps it afloat in Righteous Kill (2008 HOLLYWOOD)

Neo is feeling better than expected in Passengers (2008 HOLLYWOOD)

Van Damme is the real MAN in JCVD (2008 HOLLYWOOD/FRANCE)


Adventureland (HOLLYWOOD 2009) <--- NEW Added 15-10-09
88 Minutes (HOLLYWOOD 2007) <--- NEW Added 30-09-09
Inglourious Basterds (HOLLYWOOD 2009) <--- NEW Added 02-09-09
Day Zero (HOLLYWOOD 2009) <--- NEW Added 08-10-09
Righteous Kill (HOLLYWOOD 2008) <--- NEW Added 08-06-09
Passengers (HOLLYWOOD 2008) Added 08-06-09
JCVD (HOLLYWOOD/FRANCE 2008) <--- NEW Added 08-06-09
Public Enemies (HOLLYWOOD 2009) Added 08-04-09
Defiance (HOLLYWOOD 2008) Added 07-23-09
The International (HOLLYWOOD 2009) Added 07-22-09
Awake (HOLLYWOOD 2007) Added 07-14-09
The Pursuit of Happiness (HOLLYWOOD 2006) Added 07-12-09
Last Chance Harvey (HOLLYWOOD 2008) Added 07-10-09
The Hangover (HOLLYWOOD 2009) Added 06-30-09
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (HOLLYWOOD 2009) Added 06-25-09
Revolutionary Road (HOLLYWOOD 2008) Added 06-17-09
Taken (HOLLYWOOD 2008) Added 06-16-09
Untraceable (HOLLYWOOD 2008) Added 6-19-08
Cassandra's Dream (HOLLYWOOD 2007) Added 6-08-08
Sicko (HOLLYWOOD 2007) Added 6-08-08
The Flock (HOLLYWOOD 2007) Added 6-03-08
The Painted Veil (HOLLYWOOD 2007)


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National Treasure (HOLLYWOOD 2004)
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The One (HOLLYWOOD 2001)
Wicker Park (HOLLYWOOD 2004)

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