The Eye
review by Neo

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Year: 2008

Box Office: USD$31,418,697

Director: David Moreau

Producer: Peter Chan

Starring: Jessica Alba, Parker Posey, Alessandro Nivola, Chloe Moretz

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Tagline: A more than credible effort for a remake…

Review by Neo: The Pang brothers were famous for one film and it is really the only film that qualifies them as great directors. The Eye established the Pang Brothers entrance into HK and later into the Hollywood adventure, but in all truthfulness, while their films are always beautiful and stylish to look at; the substances in recent times have been largely questionable. Using the words from Bey Logan, the Pang Brothers have ďa great eyeĒ and vision and story of The Eye is easily their best effort to date. With Hollywood running out of ideas, it is just the norm to remake films from the best of Asia and most notably the Oscar Winning film Departed. While the aforementioned flick is questionably good, it somehow still managed to win the Oscars, despite being ten times worse than the original Infernal Affairs, in Neoís honest opinion. It is double injustice when you think back in 2002 Oscars; Infernal Affairs did not win the Best Foreign Film Award. Luckily, the latest remake of The Eye is able to hold its own and does so efficiently and effectively as a thrilling that is exactly thrilling. Now thatís a rare sight in Hollywood.

Perhaps the funniest aspect of this review is that Neo still havenít mentioned his favourite Hollywood hottie, in Jessica Alba. In previous reviews, Neo would have already declared his love of the aforementioned hottie, just to remove any sort of bias that he maybe concurring towards. Still, The Eye all, but confirmed that Alba can act and the good news is that she is still hot as well. In a comparison of Angelica Lee and Jessica Alba, both playing the same role, there is no doubt each is better in their own ways, Lee is certainly a better actress and Alba is way hotter. With that being said, Alba more than holds her own in this role and the result is being able to hold onto the audience from the start till the very ending. Now thatís an achievement to be proud of.

Moving on, there are some scenes that are worthy of special mention for instance the exhilarating final bus bomb sequences as well as the recreation of the Chinese restaurant haunting sequences. You know a movie isnít bad, when it is at the very least thrilling and at times exciting.

All in all, The Eye is good, because the original story is a good one, but some credit must still be given to the director for executing his own imprint into a remake. With that being said, there is no point comparing the original to the latest remake, as each is targeted at a different audience. While the Pang Brothers have a great eye and style, the US version cares more about being efficient and effective than anything else. Still, The Eye somehow manages to be an adequate movie and as far as remake is concerned, it isnít half bad and having Alba in the mix always help, especially when the current reviewer is a male… (Neo 2008)

I rate it 7.5/10

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