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A So Close B-movie
When you watch a B-movie with B-movie cover and a B-movie director, all one should really expect is at most B-movie quality. So what was surprising about this movie is how such a crap plot can attract so many – while not A-listers, but definitely recognizable faces to appear in it. Lucky, it is the 3 actress that really saved this movie from going down to hell. From the pretty face of Kristy Yang, to the cuteness of a Japanese girl (who look more like Korean to me) to finally the sexiness of Anya, this movie got to be the next So Close or Charlie Angels wanna-be. So why did Neo review this movie, well the answer is pretty obvious, first it is released this year and the second answer is perfectly clear for those who know me – pure eye candy fun and in that aspect it does extremely well.

The movie goes like this: Unbeknownst to one another, a female Japanese police agent, a Westernized female undercover agent and a PTU officer have gathered at a hospital banquet. Will they learn to trust one another before it's too late?

Okay, let’s just switch my eyes off the eye candy factor for one second and be totally and brutally honest here – the acting is plain crap. I don’t know whether it is the script or what, Michael Wong is as stiff and wooden as ever, but so is the other two male co-stars in Andrew Lin and Terence Yin. Despite Kristy Yang having a pretty face, her talents is by far diminishing and anything she has shown back in that Young and Dangerous spin off is all but totally gone. Anya, yes you are damn hot and sexy, but aren’t you suppose to be an undercover? Wait, I forgot she doesn’t know how to act. Lucky there is one saving grace, the Japanese girl – or should I say Korean? Who cares, she is damn cute, and she easily outshine the entire cast with a pointless yet natural performance as yet another eye candy.

All in all, PTU is not a sequel to Johnny To’s semi-classic, and in fact, it has nothing to do with PTU – and don’t say Kristy is a PTU cop or whatever. So why the hell in the right mind would bother to watch this movie that seems so manufacture and forced and so B-movie feel type of flick? Well, the answer is simple – pure eye candy for the guys and nothing more. So do I recommend, well, the movie definitely waste the entire cast and the story is so pointless that sometimes a Cat 3 movie has more interesting plot, but then again, the saving grace factor really enhance the movie as how often do you not just have one hot chick, but three together kicking ass and being so damn cute, pretty and sexy. So I am not complaining.

I rate it 5.75/10

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Genre: Cops and Robbers
Director: Tony Leung Hung-Wah
Cast: Anya (Wu On-Nga), Kristy Yang (Yeung Kung-Yu), Michael Wong Man-Tak, Terence Yin (Wan Chi-Wai), Andrew Lin Hoi, EO2 (Otto Wong Chi-Hung, Osman Chi-Kit, Eddie Pang Wai-On)
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), August 2005