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An all-star piece of CRAP!
Oh my god, and that's not a compliment, but a total insult. Hey, mate, is this movie really a comedy? Well, it seems more like a tragedy to me. How can a movie be that bad? I seriously do not know. It is not like there are no stars to look at as there are even plenty of pretty girls to look at - Cherri Ying, Cecilia Cheung... etc... How can this movie even be a comedy, when Neo only laughed once, yes you got it right only ONCE in the entire duration of the movie. Has HK cinema becomes so rubbish, that it reckon that the audience have IQ of 0? Alright, you would say this is just another lunar Year comedy, so the plot does not matter, but when it is not even funny, how can we call this mindless entertainment, or popcorn movie? A seemingly comedy that actually puts the audience either to sleep or the feeling of absolute stupidity. To be frank, if there is one movie that Himalaya Singh can complete with is William Hung's movie, and that's by no means a compliment.

So what is the story about? SINGH (Ronald Cheng) who is born and grown up in Himalayas has already reached the ultimate stage in yoga. King of Yoga (Sanatan Mody), the senior fellow of Singh's papa, is hosting a husband-to-be contest for his daughter, India Beauty (Gauri S. Karnik). Singh's parents decide to let him face various challenges and temptations from this material world. They also urge him to become bad when there's a chance. When Singh leaves the mountain, he runs into the wanna-be-married Tally (Cherrie In). Cherrie loves Singh's yoga talent. Yet he has to marry India Beauty. Tally finally decides to induce Singh to be a rotten to the core person so India Beauty has a bad husband. And Singh is willing to be a bad guy!

My god, just the though of this movie is making my mind stink and making me feel so stupid actually bothering to review a movie that is so not funny that you want to kick yourself for even watching it. As a reviewer, who goes into a movie whipping out of others opinion about a movie, Neo is hitting himself for not listening to fellow movie goers that this is indeed a crap movie and jeez, he feel cheated. With a star package like this, who in HK can resist watching it, but one thing that the movie does well is the stars. Lau Ching Wan shines as Mr. Bean, while, Cecilia is just beautiful as peacock while Cherri Ying is just naturally cool and sexy, and Ronald Cheng is just panicking annoying. Wait, what am I talking about, a SHIT movie with good performances? Well, personally the movie is so rockbottom that not even an Oscar performance can save it, and yes, not even if Tony Leung Chiu Wai can save it.

If this is what HK cinema can offer, then the future looks terrible and with the though of seeing William Hung and this kind of movie, 2005 hasn't been a good start at all. Shouldn't filmmakers realise that this kind of movies are exactly the ones that may fill you cinemas seats this time around, but will actually turn off heaps of HK movie goers from watching HK movies at the cinema, as they are probably afraid of watching and enduring through any CRAP like this one. Although the stars provide likable performances, this is one hell of a movie, that shows that a crap script will remain a pretty crap movie. And for the last time in this review, oh my god, and please and whatever you do, please listen to me and read my lips right now - STAY AWAY FROM THIS PIECE OF SHIT.

I rate it 2/10

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Genre: Lunar New Year Comedy
Director: Wai Ka-Fai
Cast: Lau Ching-Wan, Ronald Cheng Chung-Gei, Francis Ng Jun-Yu, Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi, Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi, Shine (Wong Yau-Nam, Tsui Tin-Yau)
Reviewed by Andrew (Neo), March 2005